TWO JERRY BROWNS IN ONE! Gov. Brown vetoed 2016 bill aimed at power line, wildfire safety.

Flash-forward to last Sunday: Trump to Gavin Newsom on California Fires: ‘Get Your Act Together.’ Newsom responded like a snotty teenager, “You don’t believe in climate change. You are excused from this conversation.” Though as Joel Pollak writes at, “there is no scientific link between the current fires and climate change. Scientists have said that a warmer California could be more susceptible to fire in the future, but recent fires are partly a product of conditions already endemic to California, and wind patterns that have little to do with climate change. One scientist called Jerry Brown’s effort to link wildfires to climate change an example of ‘noble-cause corruption’ — i.e. making incorrect scientific claims in the service of a ‘noble’ cause that most scientists might in fact support politically.”

And then there’s 2015 Jerry Brown versus 1970s Jerry Brown: As Victor Davis Hanson wrote in 2015 during California’s long, largely self-created drought, “Brown and other Democratic leaders will never concede that their own opposition in the 1970s (when California had about half its present population) to the completion of state and federal water projects, along with their more recent allowance of massive water diversions for fish and river enhancement, left no margin for error in a state now home to 40 million people.”