● Shot: Naomi Klein on How Climate Change Fuels the Rise of White Supremacy.

—Headline, In These Times, September 16, 2019.

● Chaser: Supporting Greta Thunberg is evidence of ‘white supremacy’, activists claim.

—Headline, Newshub, October 2nd, 2019.

● Hangover: The Left Discovers Eco-Fascism.

It has always been considered bad form to point out that the German Nazis had a conscious environmental quotient to their ideology, but what’s this? The Washington Post noted yesterday that two of the recent mass shooters—the New Zealand shooter last year and the El Paso shooter two weeks ago—embraced environmental themes, fusing them together in fact with anti-immigration views. The Post is shocked and befuddled at this seeming anomaly (though to be fair, the Post notes as briefly as possible: “Ecofascism has deep roots. There is a strong element of it in the Nazi emphasis on “blood and soil,” and the fatherland. . .) But this is only anomalous to clueless liberals, who suffer cognitive impairment when it comes to imagining the connection between the anti-natalism of the “population bomb” mentality and seeing immigration as a driver of population growth.

—Steve Hayward, Power Line, August 20th, 2019.