GOOD: CNN’s Anderson Cooper faces scrutiny for invoking Hunter Biden in Democratic debate.

In 2016, Biden called for the firing of Ukraine’s top prosecutor, who was seen by the Obama administration, western governments and organizations like the International Monetary Fund as not aggressively investigating corruption. Trump and his allies have alleged without evidence that Biden intervened to support his son’s business interests.

Cooper notably framed the Hunter Biden question by stating outright that Trump has “falsely accused” Biden’s son of “doing something wrong while serving on a company board if Ukraine” and noted “there’s no evidence of wrongdoing by either one of you.”

Some prominent Republicans, including the president’s son, blasted Cooper’s handling of the question about the former vice president’s son.

Cooper didn’t ask a question; he framed an issue in such a way that Biden could easily dismiss it, while also playing the victim card.

It’s the shoddy partisan hackery we’ve come to expect from Cooper.