October 5, 2019

I THOUGHT PROGRESSIVES WERE AGAINST VICTIM-BLAMING: In the wake of a spate of violent crimes against visibly Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn, Anti-Semitic hate crimes in NYC have risen significantly in 2019:

Lauter stressed that one of the keys to preventing hate crimes, especially among kids of different backgrounds, is education and long-term partnerships between religious and ethnic communities.

“The Jewish community at one point started withdrawing from its community relations agenda,” she said. “We’re feeling the repercussions now. This is hard work. You’ve got to do the long game on addressing these problems.”

If that’s not blaming the victims instead of the perpetrators, I don’t know what would be. And if the perps had been “white nationalists” instead of local, mostly minority, thugs, I’m pretty confident Lauter wouldn’t be claiming that the problem is insufficient efforts at community relations.

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