October 2, 2019

YES: Falling For Racist Hoaxes Is A Symptom Of Self-Loathing.

The answer to this question speaks to a unique aspect of the current American moment, a deep self-loathing that has convinced many people in our country that we are irredeemably bad and that, of course, these racist incidents are going on all around us, even if we have never witnessed one. Put simply, we believe because we want to believe.

The idea that the United States is an evil and racist place is a relatively new one. In the past, we were aware of the racist sins perpetrated throughout our history, but we also celebrated real progress away from such a state of affairs. For many on the left, this is no longer the case. They do not view slavery, Jim Crow, Japanese internment, and a whole host of other horribles as a stain upon the nation, but rather as the fabric itself.

And this self-defeating attitude extends well beyond racist hoaxes. The absolute hysteria we have seen in recent weeks regarding climate change is also directly out of this playbook. Not only are we frightening our children with absurd apocalyptic predictions of imminent doom, we are teaching them the United States is a major force for this destruction, even though our own contributions to climate change and ocean pollution are minimal in comparison to other nations.

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