September 26, 2019

ANNALS OF LEFTIST AUTOPHAGY: Good Grief! NY Times reveals whistleblower is CIA and readers are furious.

There are hundreds of more responses like this from unhappy progressives. But it’s not just social media where people are reacting stongly to the decision to publish this information. The Times is being dragged on its own site by commenters. Here’s a sample:

  • “I am stunned the paper would choose to do this. You just gave anyone who might choose to come forward to report a serious governmental wrongdoing ample reason to triple guess that choice.”
  • “No, NYT – don’t go there. Do not identify or help identify the WB”
  • “You, New York Times, have given enough detail for any amateur sleuth to find him. Would it hurt to wait a few weeks before releasing information that may imperil this American hero?”
  • “It is irresponsible of you to so specifically identify the whistleblower. I am disappointed in your editorial decision.”
  • “I understand the need to wanting to know more and complete information. But good grief, a person’s life could be on the line.”
  • “Why are you trying to out this patriot, instead of investigating the crimes of the president? Unbelievable.”
  • “Your actions are irresponsible.”
  • “What in the world are you thinking?”
  • “Great article. All that’s missing is where his kids go to school.”
  • “Reading this story makes me regret having cancelled my subscription. I’d like to be able to cancel it again.”

And on and on it goes. And I’m not cherry-picking those examples. I’d say the comments are 80 percent against the Times’ decision to publish in varying degrees, with most of the remainder of comments not taking a position either way. Only a handful of people appear to be standing up for the decision to publish.

NYT Maximum Editor Dean Baquet does everything he can to appease his leftist readers, all the way to altering headlines to rewriting America’s founding itself – and he still can’t keep the mob from attacking.

Or as Robert A. George of the crosstown rival Daily News tweets, “Over the last month, the NYT has done a remarkable job in uniting right and left to question its judgment in news, opinion and social media decisions.

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