Joe Biden is starting to worry the left, because it looks as though he might be nominated and would be a really bad candidate. That’s a nightmare they don’t want to relive.

And so helpful outlets such as the WaPo are pointing out some of Joe’s flaws, such as the tall tale he told on the campaign trail the other day, a war story that was “moving, but false.”

And outlets such as Esquire blame it on Trump, naturally:

The emerging consensus seems to be that Biden lied here…

This has launched some think-pieces on whether this is symptomatic of the post-truth world the current president has ushered in, where the facts and the details don’t matter much—or often, in fact, are irrelevant—when you’re in pursuit of some larger goal.

To those of us who have observed the left and the MSM for many decades, that’s pretty funny. The president has ushered in a “post-truth world”? How about—just to take one very small and relatively recent example—Rathergate?

It occurs to me that the Esquire article’s author, whose name is Jack Holmes, might—like so many others in the MSM—be very young. I don’t mean “young” in relation to me—that’s just about everyone—but I mean young in the more absolute sense. And sure enough, when I looked him up on Linked In, I discover that he graduated from college in 2014. That would make him something like 26 years old.

Thus, he’s likely not aware of the role of his fellow Esquire staffers in shaping the “post-truth world.” But then, as Obama flack Ben Rhodes of all people said of his party’s stenographers, “The average reporter we talk to is 27 years old, and their only reporting experience consists of being around political campaigns. That’s a sea change. They literally know nothing.”