NEWS YOU CAN USE*: How to baffle the boycott brigade.

In 2016 I was publishing stories in mainstream media that, while not overtly in support of either side, refused to mindlessly regurgitate the lies media was telling about Trump supporters. I was curious about them, not hateful. Activists and media personalities picked up on this. Sensing I might have some shameful, hidden right-wing views, they swarmed, calling for a boycott of the magazine I worked for, for me to be fired, and sent death threats.

I saw this happen to other journalists. They’d immediately cave, issue a disingenuous apology and self-flagellate for a few days. They’re probably still on a list somewhere. But I never did, and the harassment never fully ended until, months later, I finally dropped a nuke of a story in which I condemned the left completely and came out as a conservative. To my surprise, the mob disappeared. Progressive bullies were silent, nowhere to be found. Suddenly I wasn’t a Nazi who needed to confess or die, but just worthy of an occasional eyeroll emoji from a left-wing blogger

I hope this may be instructive to people, especially business owners. People cowering in the conservative closet message me all the time, asking for advice. There was a time I told them, unless they want to be fired from their jobs and lose all their friends, they’d better keep quiet. I no longer feel that way. Not only are they doing a great disservice to their country and fellow conservatives, but, sometimes, shrugging and saying ‘so what?’ is the most powerful weapon against the left. They’re never expecting it.

* Especially if you’re Bret Stephens.