JOHN NOLTE: Fredo Meltdown Another Display of Chris Cuomo’s Embrace of Political Violence.

While decent people agree that violence has no place anywhere in our society, much less in political debate, Cuomo disagrees. He’s a huge champion and supporter of the left-wing terrorist organization Antifa, and a booster of the violence they commit against Cuomo’s political enemies on the right.

In August of last year, Cuomo said of Antifa’s terrorism [emphasis mine]:

Two wrongs and what is right. The bigots are wrong to hit. Antifa or whomever — anarchists or malcontents or the misguided — they are also wrong to hit. But fighting hate is right. And in a clash between hate and those who oppose it, those who oppose it are on the side of right.

Here’s Cuomo again in November excusing and encouraging Antifa’s violence.

Cuomo, obviously, is taking a cue from CNN’s puppetmaster Jeff Zucker, who has shifted the axis of his network to encourage violence against President Trump and his supporters[.]

But the “Fredo” video is a glimpse into Cuomo’s rage, his hatred of the political right, a provincial and sheltered silver spoon of a man who brings everything back to politics — even a childish taunt — and who believes violence and the threat of violence is an acceptable response.

As we mentioned earlier today, Cuomo, the scion of a legendary Democratic governor,  uttered on-air while covering Obama’s 2016 visit to Cuba, “What is the point of this communist regime if it is not to truly make everyone equal, not at the lowest level, not by demoralizing everyone, but lifting everyone up,” in a quasi-defense of Fidel Castro. With a worldview like that, it’s not surprising that he thinks that Antifa, the Democratic Party’s shock troops, are not just the good guys, but the equivalent of the Americans who stormed the beach at Normandy.