WHAT? Trump on Blago: ‘I’m thinking of commuting his sentence.’

Blagojevich, the former Illinois governor, was convicted of trying to trade President Barack Obama’s vacated Senate seat for personal gain.

The Times reports that Trump described the incriminating phone call in which Blagojevich was taped discussing selling the seat as mostly a minor offense and something “many” politicians have done.

“I thought he was treated unbelievably unfairly; he was given close to 18 years in prison,” Trump said aboard Air Force One during his daylong swing through Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas, in the wake of two deadly shootings there over the weekend. “And a lot of people thought it was unfair, like a lot of other things — and it was the same gang, the Comey gang and all these sleazebags that did it. And his name is Rod Blagojevich. And I’m thinking about commuting his sentence.”

The Times reports the president made plans to commute the sentence this week, citing two people with knowledge of the talks.

It’s always wise to reserve judgement on what Trump says until after Trump acts, but even then this one is still a real head-scratcher.