SMALL WARS JOURNAL: The New China Lobby. “We are the national security thinkers and military leaders who have seen enough bullies and read enough history to see through the CCP’s lies of benevolence.”

Since the Great Recession, Beijing has begun to seize its opportunities. It has made new territory from nothing in the South China Sea so as to seize control of one of the world’s most vital bottlenecks and to project its power throughout the Indo-Pacific. At home Xi Jinping has reinforced commitments to Maoist doctrine under Xi Jinping thought, his own brand of red Kool-Aid. The CCP has constructed new surveillance apparati to control its population from mass visual surveillance to a social credit system meant to regulate and score every action. In Xinjiang, there is cultural genocide and internment of the Uighur population on a scale measuring in the millions. The PLA has grown and modernized rapidly since the 1990s, stealing technology from around the world to boost itself to compete with the US. It uses mockups of US targets during anti-ship missiles tests and threatens its neighbors around the Pacific through grey zone tactics and outright belligerency. The fact is that the CCP is not just America’s, but the whole freedom-loving world’s main enemy.

Enter the new China lobby.

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