DISPATCHES FROM THE MEMORY HOLE: Now, why does this premise seem just a bit flimsy? WaPo columnist says it’s time for the media to choose sides:

Washington Post columnist Margaret Sullivan says the time is now for members of the national media to choose sides and become pro-gun control.

Curiously, Sullivan had no problem choosing sides when she declared Fox News “An American Plague” in March. Not to mention her claim today that the media must (the “gasp” is a nice touch) choose sides is pretty rich coming from someone employed by a newspaper that through its then-subsidiary publication declared “We Are Are Socialists Now” on the eve of Obama’s inauguration in early 2009. Two years later, the Post itself then rushed to smear Sarah Palin and declare her clip art the magical driving force behind the shooting of then-Democratic Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and 24 others (including a Bush #41-appointed federal judge who was quickly airbrushed out of the story to avoid muddying the narrative).

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