August 1, 2019

A TIME OF CHOOSING: Trump Makes the Case for Reelection: ‘Our Country is Breaking Records in Almost Every Category.’

“It will soon be time to choose to keep and build upon that prosperity and success, or let it go,” President Trump wrote. “We are respected again all around the world. Keep it that way! I said I will never let you down, and I haven’t. We will only grow bigger, better and stronger TOGETHER!”

As a sitting president, Trump has a choice for his reelection campaign:

1. He can go positive

2. He can go negative

3. He can do both

I initially thought he’d opt for the second option because it worked so well for him in 2016, but he has clearly opted for number three: touting his own positive record while blasting Democrats for being radical progressives. This approach could very well be a killer combination. The only “but” is that he will have to be smart about when to use which tactic — when to be positive and when to go negative.

The good news? It seems that this understanding comes naturally to President Trump. He may not be a career politician, but he sure as heck has a tremendous feel for when to employ different tactics.

Read the whole thing.

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