July 29, 2019

ROD DREHER’S MAILBAG: Wokeness Drives Latino Student To Trump.

This summer, I received a grant to research monetary policy. The only catch is that one can only get the money if he (she/zhe/whatever) is multicultural (I’m part Mexican), so there was bound to be some issues with that if it came up. But money grants to multicultural students are a lot bigger and easier to get than standard research grants for undergraduates, so naturally I went with that. Sure, there’s a bit of gaming the system if I’m only part Mexican and culturally assimilated, but wouldn’t you rather have me get that money than some quack?

(The other people who got money really are quacks–one girl is doing research on how we should replace writing classes with learning how to tell stories through knitting because apparently indigenous people can’t express themselves through writing. No joke. In other words, the research is a propaganda program.)

One of the conditions for receiving the money is I have to occasionally meet with the other people who received funding and go to seminars on ridiculous crap. I usually don’t pay attention. But a couple of weeks ago we had to have a discussion circle about how students deal with mental health and what that might be like in graduate school. Sounds fairly innocuous and perhaps even useful, right? Wrong.

It never is. And do read the whole thing.

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