July 27, 2019

OH, THAT LIBERAL FASCISM: On the Tragedy of Robert Mueller as John Gill.

As I watched Mueller on Wednesday, that Star Trek episode repeatedly came to mind. Mueller was John Gill and, at any moment, I was expecting Andrew Weissmann or one of the other “Mueller Investigation” henchmen to emerge as Melakon. It all seemed finally to make sense: Mueller had been drugged for two years, and Ekos had been hijacked by others. That helped me understand why Mueller could not testify with consistent coherence or command of the “Mueller Report,” how he could not identify the president who had appointed him earlier in his career, how he could not hear or grasp so many questions, could not identify Fusion GPS — for that matter, could not allow any questions to be asked of him at the press conference he had held two months earlier at the end of May. Melakon needed to control the script, obviating the possibility of asking questions.

Mueller had not prepared “to the gills” for his Congressional hearing because he, in fact, was John Gill. In the topsy-turvy world that has been absorbed by more than two years of the Christopher Steele-Fusion GPS Perkins Coie-Peter Strzok-Lisa Page-James Comey-Andrew McCabe-CNN-MSNBC-ABC-CBS-NBC-PBS-NYT-WaPo Universe of Conspiracies, finally a conspiracy theory seemed to make sense: Someone had determined that a debilitated Robert Mueller no longer was what he once had been been and, like John Gill, could be manipulated as a figurehead poster face behind whom a vast alternative conspiracy could be pursued by one or more Melakons to take down the president of the United States.

We just need to find out who was Melakon.

Boldly go and read the whole thing.

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