July 25, 2019

GREAT MOMENTS IN DISPASSIONATE OBJECTIVITY:  The Texas Tribune, which describes itself as “Nonpartisan,” describes Republican Chip Roy, currently being challenged by gun control, abortion advocate, and failed Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis, as employing “a kind of procedural terrorism to frustrate Democrats — and some Republicans — in Congress.”

The article was later changed to read that Davis “employed a kind of procedural troublemaking,” but not before PJM contributor Bryan Preston grabbed a screen shot. As Bryan writes:

What did he do, use Robert’s Rules of Order to kill a guy? No, he just used the rules to make it harder to pass stupid legislation.

Roy’s Dem opponent will be former state Sen. Wendy Davis. Davis is most famous for filibustering the state senate a few years back, in her pink shoes, to keep it easy for Planned Parenthood to kill babies. But the same piece that calls Roy a “terrorist” calls Davis a “superstar.”

You can’t make this stuff up. It looks like someone got to the editors, because inside the story, the subhead now says “procedural troublemaking,” not “terrorism.” Nevertheless, the bias in the whole piece is pretty obvious.

The phrase can also be seen on the Tribune’s twitter account, and by aggregating blogs who snagged the story’s initial version.

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