July 24, 2019


Hong Kong: This is going to get very serious.

I am one of the most experienced conflict correspondents alive. I am saying with high certainty that Hong Kong is a key battlefield with Communist China, and this will get bloody serious. This is still in the warm up stage.
All my long term readers know that when I say “mark my word,” you can safely bet your money.

This is just the beginning.

Important: Anyone who says this is about the Extradition Bill should be ignored. This is NOT about the Extradition Bill, despite thousands of signs saying this at the protests I am at.

Let’s put this in American terms. Remember the massive and bloody riot after the Rodney King case in Los Angeles?

‘Analysts’ who say that was about a court verdict should be ignored. The causes of the bloody rampage had little to do with the verdict other than that was a specific trigger.

Any flaming match will set a dry forest ablaze, and we don’t name matches. The rampage was based on historical and cultural issues. That was and is the dry forest.

Similarly with the information war coming from China and Korea heavily targeting Japan. (Especially Japan — but America is also heavily targeted and is the ultimate target. China is also targeting Korea and the Koreans are mostly blind to this.)

We will see increasing sparks of violence against Japanese. Mark my word. And then someone will blame this or that specific match that starts the fire. Meanwhile, China continues with a giant blow-drier prepping a giant forest to burn. Waiting for that match.

The conflict in Hong Kong is not about the Extradition Bill — and now many other issues are piling up almost weekly. The issue is that Communist China is trying to swallow and digest Hong Kongers who know the taste of freedom.

Humans are far more likely to fight to keep something they have than to fight for something they do not have. Mainland Chinese as a group never in their lives have tasted freedom. The communist cowboys in Beijing ride their broken slave horses daily and the broken horses just stare at the ground and go where they are told.

The British helped Hong Kongers taste freedom, and rule of law, and Hong Kongers love their freedom and legitimate judicial system. They will fight. The real fight is beginning.

Honk Kong is a key battle ground in a much larger war. Taiwan and others are watching.”

More to come, I’m afraid.

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