July 23, 2019

SPARTACUS ROARS: Cory Booker Would Never Punch Trump, That Fat Old Body-Shamer.

Let’s take a moment to imagine any Republican going on national TV and saying something like this about a Democratic POTUS. And let’s take another moment to contemplate the amusing idea of Cory Booker possessing testosterone.

Anyway, Booker would never punch Trump. That would be beneath him. But what’s wrong with getting a round of applause from a liberal NYC audience, and a warm, friendly smile from Seth Meyers, for talking about punching Donald Trump?

Plus, Trump is old and out of shape. What does Booker look like, a body-shamer?

Meyers is a good little Democrat and teed that right up for him, and Booker still botched it. Fortunately for him, nobody watches late-night TV anymore.

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