July 8, 2019

OH: Top Carranza executives ditched their residential zones for ‘whiter’ schools.

After moving from Boston to Bay Ridge in August 2015, Cheryl Watson-Harris, the current first deputy chancellor, did not enroll her young­est child in PS 170, Ralph A. Fabrizio, the elementary school for which her home was zoned.

Instead, she wrangled her son into PS 185.

PS 170 largely serves immigrant children. Its 1,000-student body is 24 percent white and 58 percent Asian, with 32 percent of students learning English. In contrast, PS 185’s 650-student body is 68 percent white — the kind of school Carranza would blast as “segregated.” Only 7 percent are English language learners.

The Department of Education initially claimed Watson-Harris’ home was zoned for PS 185, but after The Post learned her address at the time, the department admitted the boy’s zoned school was PS 170.

The DOE granted Watson-Harris a “child-care hardship waiver” to let him attend PS 185, officials said.


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