June 29, 2019

NYT OP-ED: I’m not saying we should doxx immigration officers staffing Trump’s detention centers, but I am sort of saying that.

An unanswered question is what Cronin-Furman would recommend if her tactics were tried but didn’t work. She and her friends show up to a CBP agent’s neighborhood, post photos of him behind the fence at an immigration detention facility, and warn passersby with a sign that HE WALKS AMONG YOU. Then, nothing happens. The agent doesn’t even go into hiding. In light of the moral stakes she’s presented here, that this is a slow-motion atrocity and must be halted by every available means, she would have to escalate, right? Traditional doxxing would necessarily follow. If that didn’t work, presumably out-and-out violence would be warranted. Auschwitz wasn’t liberated by a boycott or a “shaming” campaign, after all.

This is where the crimes-against-humanity logic leads you, and why it’s disingenuous of her to disclaim that she’s not threatening anyone here.

Read the whole thing. Somehow, I doubt Saul Alinsky thought out where his similar proposal nearly a half century ago would lead, or he didn’t mind — or he didn’t think that his fellow leftists would eventually be subject to the same rules.

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