Have you seen the new Taylor Swift video? She takes a bold, courageous stance in favor of LGBT rights, and against the drooling mobs of orthographically challenged Red State bigots. Taylor and her cool LGBT friends have taken over a trailer park — get it! Ha ha!

See, according to leading pop star Taylor Swift (estimated net worth: $320 million), redneck white people are not only anti-gay, but their religion is stupid, and they can’t spell. Oh, my ribs hurt from laughing, I tell you what.

But seriously: this is what you call “punching down.” There is no easier target in the world for a pop star worth $320 million than anti-gay working-class and rural white Christians. I imagine Taylor Swift thinks herself brave.

Sure, she’s punching down, but she’s also reassuring her Hollywood record label, that “Yes, I was born in Nashville, but I’ve seen the light, and I’m now firmly one of the anointed,” (to borrow from Thomas Sowell’s 1995 book, The Vision of the Anointed). Which was likely especially important to her, since the TDS left was furious about her apolitical stance, prior to her ultimately pyrrhic support of Democrat Phil Bredesen (ironically, one of the very few Democrats who supported Brett Kavanaugh) in last year’s Tennessee Senate race.

Perhaps though, she’s discovering that it’s impossible to be sufficiently woke for today left. Or as this Yahoo headline blares, “Taylor Swift accused of ‘using LGBTQ people as props’ in new music video.”