June 21, 2019

THUGGERY: Oregon Governor Threatens to Send State Police to Round Up Republicans after Walk-Out over Cap-and-Trade Stalemate.

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): I don’t think this is actually thuggery, since legislatures generally can compel the attendance of absent members. (I’ve written about this before). Presumably, the state police would be deputized by the sergeant-at-arms or somesuch. But Ann Althouse notes the shifting media narrative here: “They were ‘stars’ when they were Democrats. And a bad old Republican — remember Bill O’Reilly? — had to be hypothetically dragged into the picture to give it a good-and-evil dimension. With the Republicans absconding, in Oregon, the fleebaggers are automatically bad and the Democrats — ready to legislate and deprived of the quorum — are the easy good guys. The narrative clicks into place.” As usual.

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