NEW SOCIALIST “IT GIRL” DEMANDS HIGHER DIVIDENDS: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is Already Demanding Higher Pay, and Says She Will Become Corrupt if Not Rewarded.

Alexandria’s current salary in Congress is $174,000. This is far greater than the US average salary of workers without a high school diploma ($27+K), or those who graduated high school ($37+K). Even looking at those with a college education she earns nearly triple the rate of $66+K annually. So here is the woman, who is concerned about the wage disparity, calling for herself to be granted an even higher salary, in direct opposition to her socialist bleatings.

To justify her demand AOC invokes the likelihood of politicians turning to outside interests, unless they get what is coming to them. The argument of “Pay us, or we’ll turn corrupt” is a disturbing piece of leverage for this newcomer to be invoking.

Exit Quote: “Ocasio-Cortez, who makes $174,000, says she needs a raise like minimum wage workers: ‘Congress, retail workers, everybody should get cost of living increases to accommodate for changes in our economy.’ On the $4,500 raise she wants: ‘It’s not even like a raise.’”

We’ve only got 12 years left, she’s assured us. Who can blame her for wanting to live as large as possible in the time we all have remaining?