YOUR DAILY TREACHER: YouTube Punishes Lots of People Not Named Steven Crowder.

It’s an insufficient punishment, because Crowder and his employees can still make a living. They must be silenced. Carlos Maza must have his revenge for this grievous wound to his ego, or else #HateWins.

And now that Maza has set the house on fire because he didn’t like the drapes, he’s utterly baffled that he can’t control the spreading destruction. Now a lot of other people’s YouTube channels are being disrupted as well.

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As Twitchy asked earlier, does Maza’s tweet encouraging the public to “milkshake” the far-right and “humiliate them at every turn” until they “dread public organizing” run up against Twitter’s new rules? It certainly sounds like “the glorification of violence,” which is a no-no.

So veteran pollster Frank Luntz asked Maza:

The response didn’t take long:

Well, that’s not Stalinist at all.

Exit Question: How Should Facebook (and Twitter, and YouTube, and…) Decide What Speech To Allow?