May 11, 2019

THE CORBYNIZATION OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY CONTINUES APACE: Why did Democrats invite a hate preacher into Congress?

The Republicans are the party of racists and religious bigots, and the Democrats are the party of anti-racists and religious tolerance. That’s why 21 Democrats from the almost entirely Democratic Congressional Black Caucus refused to comment when it emerged in 2018 that in 2005 they had met secretly with Louis Farrakhan. He, of course, was at it again on Thursday night, eliciting a vast and telling silence from CBC members with racist incitement against ‘Satanic Jews’.

That’s also why Eddie Bernice-Johnson, a Democrat from Texas who is one of the CBC members who declines to explain why she met with Farrakhan in 2005, invited Imam Omar Suleiman to read a prayer ‘for unity, not division’ in the House of Representatives on Thursday morning — a prayer which elicited a touching tweet of gratitudes from paragons of unity Ilhan Omar and Linda Sarsour.

Suleiman is the very model of a progressive preacher. That’s why Eddie Bernice-Johnson praised him on Friday as someone who, in ‘times of struggle’, has ‘time and again used his voice to call for peace & justice’. He just hates gays, sexual equality, and the Jewish state. Imagine the outcry if he had been invited by a Republican.

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