May 2, 2019

OLD AND BUSTED: WWII was won by the men Tom Brokaw dubbed “The Greatest Generation.”

The New Hotness? Washington Post: U.S. WWII Heroes Were Evil Because They Were ‘Racists.’

“Because while Allied countries opposed the Nazis and Allied troops defeated them, the leaders of the United States and Britain rarely attacked the core tenet of Nazism: the belief in a master race,” this ahistorical “teacher,” wrote.

Broich added:

“In my World War II class recently, I had my students pore through the speeches and letters of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill from the years around the war’s start in 1939, searching for his basis for opposing the Nazis. They found Churchill wanted to stand up to the Nazis’ expansionism, fight their anti-democracy posture and resist what he called (but largely left undefined) their anti-Christianity. What he did not do, however, was call for the destruction of the essence of Nazism: race supremacy.”

Basically, Broich says that despite defeating the Third Reich — the evilest regime in human history — that tremendous moral success doesn’t matter because the Allies were all still racists.

Because the world wasn’t as “woke” in 1945 as it is now, the great victory over Hitler is meaningless.

As Hans Fiene wrote last year when “the Knights of Akshully“ took their shot at Albert Einstein for doubleplus ungood thoughts he recorded in his diary in 1922, “Calling Einstein A Racist Is Perfect For Those Who Can’t Compete With His Accomplishments:”

To recap, unlike Columbus, Washington, or Jefferson, who inflicted real pain upon many people through real actions, in 1922, Einstein had some private thoughts that are roughly as offensive as the 15 articles your aunt shared on Facebook last week. Einstein then wrote those unsavory thoughts in a private journal, never spoke them aloud publicly, and never lived a life in accordance with them. The horror…Why is this news for the Knights of Akshully? The answer is fairly simple. Their goal is not to eliminate injustice. If it were, they’d spend their time fighting against the slavery, oppression, and racism that still run rampant in the world instead of attacking historical figures who were increasingly less guilty of perpetuating slavery, oppression, and racism.

Likewise, it’s hard to believe they’re seeking a genuine debate about how much a man’s moral failings ought to affect his legacy, since the answer is always the same: “Terminate with extreme prejudice the one with extreme (or modest) prejudice.” Rather, it seems the Knights of Akshully’s goal is to devise an ethical system that gives them bragging rights over the far more accomplished figures of history.

Sure Churchill crushed the Nazis, and Einstein’s A-bomb defeated Imperial Japan, but their choice of pronouns were just the worst.

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