May 1, 2019

WILLIAMS COLLEGE HAS A “STUDENTS FOR JUSTICE IN PALESTINE” BUT: CC [Student Council] rejects Williams Initiative for Israel. “WIFI was the first club in over a decade that complied with all CC bylaws for recognition but failed to gain RSO status, according to archived CC minutes.”

A special award for spouting nonsensical propaganda goes to Williams student Joseph Moore. Anti-Israel activists frequently claim that Israel has engaged and is engaged in “genocide” against Palestinians, despite the fact that Arabs in Israel and the contested territories  have had among the fastest population growth rates in the world for many decades straight. Moore’s response to this irrefutable retort to the charge of genocide:

“Even when you consider the fact that the Palestinian population is rising, it’s because they have a high fertility rate,” Moore said after the meeting. “Generally, populations in war zones have higher fertility rates because they don’t know if all of their children will make adulthood.”

It should be noted that the total number of Palestinians who have been killed in clashes with Israeli forces since 1967 is somewhere in the high four figures, mostly terrorists, amounting to maybe a week’s worth of killing from the recent Syrian civil war. If Moore doesn’t understand that a massively rising population combined with a few thousand killed during armed hostilities doesn’t add up to anything remotely like genocide, then it’s remarkable if he got into Williams. If he does understand it, then he’s just malevolent for claiming otherwise.

Relatedly some other Middle Eastern populations have in fact declined rather dramatically since Israel was established:



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