IT DEPENDS WHO YOU ARE EXPOSING: The pro-life activists who filmed a Planned Parenthood staffer negotiating the price of fetal body parts in a crowded restaurant will soon find out if they have to face trial:

First Amendment attorney Matthew Strugar predicted a liberal San Francisco jury will convict Daleiden and Merritt even if the evidence comes out in their favor – greenlighting judges to chip away at the investigative tools available to journalists. “CMP to me are despicable actors who seem to be grossly misstating what happened,” Strugar, who is not affiliated with the case, said by phone from Los Angeles. But he said the group’s undercover methods “are tried-and-true investigative techniques” long used by journalists in the United States to gather evidence of misconduct, from animal abuse on farms to auto mechanics ripping off customers.

The sad part is that the mainstream media and their lawyers — who have a lot to lose here — are avoiding fighting for the right to do this kind of undercover filming because of their liberal pro-Planned Parenthood agenda. If you’re looking for honesty and commitment to principles, the media bar ain’t what it used to be. But secret film of Mitt Romney talking about the 47% who won’t vote for him? No problem.