QUESTION ASKED AND ANSWERED: Why Are Dove And Gillette Pushing Us To Lie About What’s Beautiful?

As Mark Steyn writes:

But what I don’t understand is, if fat-shaming is totally bulkphobic and sveltecentric, why is hair-shaming okay? If Gillette loves Anna “because she lives out loud and loves her skin no matter how the ‘rules’ say she should display it”, why should the “rules” dictate that she should display her luxuriant body shaved? In the end, no matter how wokier-than-thou the company gets, Gillette’s bottom line depends on a product designed to make female appearance conform with the “rules” — “rules” being a polite term for conventional male notions of femininity. If you’re going to tear up the rule book, why not throw away the razor?

I’m not sure these woke corporations are thinking things through — but maybe by next year’s Super Bowl Gillette will be taking a stand against hirsutophobia. (Stock tip: Buy Wilkinson Sword.)

UPDATE! Via Mike in the comments: “Gillette Venus Facing Backlash Over Advert Showing Woman Shaving Her Arms.

Get woke, go broke.