CHRISTIAN TOTO: Matt Damon’s MeToo Nuance Suddenly in Vogue.

Today, the Damon model is back in vogue thanks to former Vice President Joe Biden. The possible 2020 presidential candidate has been credibly accused of inappropriate touching, kissing and, yes, sniffing. He didn’t deny the allegations.

Now, suddenly, some Hollywood power players are deeply devoted to nuance and, dare we say, “spectrum of behavior.”

First up is Rob Reiner. The celebrated director and virulent anti-Trump voice rose up to support Biden on social media.

Next, Cher weighed in her own Biden story, gently defending him by saying he never groped her sans permission.

Whoopi Goldberg told “The View” audience Biden is “a toucher,” letting him off the hook.

Finally, one of the women who shredded Damon for his “spectrum” comments circled back … to defend Biden. Alyssa Milano, the sometimes actress and full-time progressive activist, shared a picture of her and a grinning Biden on social media. She accompanied the image with her personally charged defense.

“I am proud to call Joe Biden a friend,” she said in a series of tweets.

That’s different because shut up.

Also, read the whole thing.