March 27, 2019

HARDBALL: ‘Now We’re In Charge’: Democrats Lock Out Republicans On Bipartisan Bills.

Democrats like Rep. Mike Doyle (D-Pa.) express no interest in anything but pushing ahead with Democratic legislation – and after 25 years of being mostly in the House minority, Doyle thinks it is high time.

“I don’t have thin skin about this, but when they were in charge, they had the rules,” Doyle told Politico.

“Now we’re in charge, and maybe some of them don’t understand that yet.”
Republican Richard Hudson expressed frustration with Democrat Bobby Rush for altering a bill the two had co-authored to introduce new workforce training programs. Rush has effectively removed Hudson from planning this bill.

“He reintroduced it, and he’s added all this money to it, and didn’t consult me,” Hudson told Politico.

Just like Harry Reid’s Senate, the new Democratic House majority acts as though they’ll never be the minority again.

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