KYLE SMITH: Bonfire of the Media Vanities.

All of this mad mudslinging had its desired effect, which was to poison the American voter against Trump. In May of 2017 a YouGov poll found that 55 percent of Democrats believed Russia actually tampered with voting tallies in order to push Trump to victory, a fantastical claim even Rachel Maddow wasn’t making, as far as I know.

Unable to concede that the Mueller chapter has wrapped up minus the preferred (expected, prayed-for) conclusion, the most respected pundits and journalists continue to openly fantasize about some less-favorable outcome for the president (“Mueller was always a side show the real action is in NY” — Ryan Lizza of CNN), disparage Attorney General William Barr (“the seeds of a cover-up” — MSNBC’s Joy Reid), and insist that the media are the true heroes here (“With some regrettable and damaging exceptions — individual stories that seemingly went too far — reality-based news outlets have done quite well on this story” — Margaret Sullivan, Washington Post). The blob of professional Democrats and their media backers were hoping Trump would get whacked. Instead they got a Sopranos ending. Even the theme song was the same. And that’s fine. Hey, guys, don’t stop believin’. The less credibility you have, the easier it becomes to ignore you.

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