March 22, 2019

BUT THE NARRATIVE: The Myth That Australia’s Gun Laws Reduced Gun Homicides. “The situation is more complicated than reporters suggest.”

It usually is:

Part of the reason that the collection of homicide data in Australia is so recent a phenomenon is because it has tended to be so rare. Politically, it simply wasn’t a national priority. Australia is a small country, with only a few more million people than Florida spread out over an entire continent. In the relatively high homicide days of the early 1990s, Australia’s homicides totaled around 300. This means in a bad crime year, in which homicides increase by only 20 or 30 victims, it could swing overall rates noticeably.

This brings us to our other problem with using post-1996 homicide data as definitive proof of anything. The numbers are too small to allow us to extrapolate much.

That won’t stop the usual suspects from doing just that, however.

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