March 19, 2019

ETAILING: Most Amazon private labels aren’t flying off the shelves yet, but the company is taking huge steps to change that.

Of the 406 brands analyzed by Marketplace Pulse, AmazonBasics — Amazon’s home and electronics brand — is the most successful, scooping up 57.8% of Amazon’s private-label sales, even though it accounts for only 5% of the new products the company has launched, the firm said.

Following that is the Amazon Collection jewelry brand, with 7.8%, and Amazon Essentials, which sells basic clothing for both men and women, at 4.8%. None of the others make up more than 2% of Amazon’s private-label sales.

Measured by sales, the products don’t fare any better. All told, sales from Amazon’s private-label brands are under $1 billion, according to Marketplace Pulse. That’s a lot taken in isolation, but it’s also just a fraction of the $122.9 billion Amazon raked in last year from direct online retail sales.

I needed a new linen shirt or two for our last beach vacation, and picked up a couple from Amazon’s “Isle Bay” house brand. For about $25 each, they weren’t bad. In fact, I’ve spent quite a bit more for similar quality.

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