March 19, 2019

DAVID HARSANYI: The Gun Control Campaign Against The AR-15 Is Full Of Lies. “Efforts to outlaw the AR-15 are part of an incremental movement to ban all semi-automatic guns.”

If [Joe] Scarborough and others are proposing banning all semi-automatic rifles, then why not handguns? Why not shotguns, which are used more often in homicides than ARs. Because their contention that the AR-15s are especially “dangerous and unusual” compared to other widely-owned guns, simply isn’t true.

Then again, the very notion of “weapons of war” is silly. Every gun is designed to kill, otherwise it would be worthless. And if any weapon that kills can be categorized as a “weapon of war” then the AR has some stiff competition. John Browning designed the 1911 handgun before World War I, and it was subsequently used by the US military until 1986. Now it is one of the most popular handgun designs in the country. It was a “weapon of war.”

Gun restrictionists focus on the AR-15 because it looks like a military weapon. Once stripped of emotion, however, the argument against ARs, which feature the same mechanics as many others firearms, is that they work better. There will always be a gun that works better than other guns. Which is why we know banning them is part of an incremental push towards broader prohibitions.

Molon labe — or just read the whole thing.

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