March 1, 2019

THE BULWARK, BILL KRISTOL’S SUCCESSOR TO THE WEEKLY STANDARD, CALLED OUT FOR SENDING PRO-CHOICE LIB TO ‘OWN THE CONS’ AT CPAC. As Twitchy notes, “If you are part of a conservative website that trashes and condescends to conservatives who have a problem with you mocking their movement, YOU’RE the problem. Seriously. We’d expect to see this nonsense on Buzzfeed, or even Mediaite, but on The Bulwark, where they’re supposedly conserving conservatism? Wow:”

Contrast the above with the Bulwark’s slogan:

As Stephen Miller responds to Jong-Fast, “I don’t have a problem with your opinion. Pretty sure you’re aware of that. I just want to know what’s being conserved by the conservatism conserved official dispatch going after pro-life panels. Sure is a lot of dancing around this question and not much answering of it.”

Related: The Bulwark’s token lib deleted a tweet mocking a CPAC panelist who is battling cancer.

More: Why is the Bulwark bullying Victor Davis Hanson?

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): “Conservatism conserved?” They haven’t even conserved women’s sports without penises. And, more tellingly, they haven’t even tried.

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