GREAT MOMENTS IN GASLIGHTING. ABC Political Director Rick Klein Defends Green New Deal: ‘They’re Not Taking Away Your Hamburgers, Cars, Planes:’

“And if you don’t have a name attached to it and you don’t misconstrue it. If they’re not taking away your hamburgers, or your cars or your planes, you have to — if you present it accurately, maybe there’s an argument,” Klein argued.


The Green New Deal’s War on Cows.

Cory Booker: ‘This Planet Simply Can’t Sustain’ People Eating Meat.

● “The authors state that the GND would like to replace every ‘combustion-engine vehicle’ — trucks, airplanes, boats, and 99 percent of cars — within ten years. Charging stations for electric vehicles will be built “everywhere,” though how power plants will provide the energy needed to charge them is a mystery.”

Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal Aims to Eliminate Air Travel.

As Jim Treacher wrote earlier this week, Apparently, the Green New Deal Runs on Gaslight.