OLD AND BUSTED: CNN newsreader getting the vapors over “the First Amendment and boobs.”

The New Hotnesss? CNN Panel Melts Down Over Trump’s ‘Sexist’ Salad Joke:

A CNN panel accused President Donald Trump of being “sexist” Monday night because the president made a joke about first lady Melania Trump making salads.

The president cracked the joke to the national championship-winning Clemson football team during their Monday visit to the White House. Trump noted that because of the shutdown, he had to personally purchase a spread of fast food for the team’s visit, and joked that his food choices were better than having the first lady make them “some quick little salads.” (RELATED: CNN Cries Sexism During Discussion On Hillary’s Health)

CNN anchor Erin Burnett and analyst Joan Walsh accused the president of being sexist for assuming that the first lady would prepare the salads.

“That’s appalling,” Walsh said. “It seems to me that the president will not be happy until there is one single female Republican voter in the country. It’s incredibly sexist.”

“Sometimes what people say when they’re being funny exposes exactly who they are and what they think,” Burnett agreed.

Such as titling your book, as Joan Walsh did, What’s the Matter with White People?