ANNALS OF LEFTIST AUTOPHAGY: New Oscar Host Kevin Hart Attacked in Record Time.

More importantly, why would anyone want to host the Oscars at this point? The show is consistently awful and preachy. Critics typically savage whoever does the honors. It’s weeks and weeks of work with little payoff beyond, apparently, a “low” six-figure check. The latter is consequential but not to stars who routinely cash those sized checks.

The worst part for Hart? He’ll be slimed for weeks, maybe months, following the announcement. If he survives what’s to come he’ll be forced to abandon his apolitical stance as the Oscars host.

A comic who rigorously avoids partisan humor will have to mock the GOP, President Donald Trump or both on Oscar night. It’s what we’ve seen from previous hosts for the past few years. Virtually every awards show doubles as a DNC ad.

Suddenly, all Harts’ efforts to nurture his bipartisan fan base will be gone. Maybe he’s better off bowing out now. The gig just isn’t worth it.

Star Wars: Rogue One recreated Peter Cushing and Carrie Fisher in CGI form. Holographic recreations of dead rock stars such as Roy Orbison are touring in increasing numbers. Perhaps the Oscars should simply task Industrial Light & Magic to create holographic or CGI versions of Bob Hope and Johnny Carson and have them host alternate years — and problem solved.