DIVERSITY IS OUR STRENGTH: French Court cites ‘cultural norms’ in acquitting Muslim rapist.

A Muslim refugee from Bangladesh was acquitted of the rape of a high school girl – with a French court excusing the sexual attack due to the young man’s “different cultural norms.”

The young Islamic migrant was also charged with sexually assaulting another young girl, but his defense argued that he should not be held responsible because he could have misinterpreted his aggressive sexual contact with the girl due to his Muslim “cultural codes.”

Excuses, excuses

The politically correct explanation for acquitting the rapist contended that he should not be accountable for the attack because of the way Muslim men traditionally sexually victimize and abuse women back in Bangladesh.

“Experts who investigated the man described him as narcissistic and self-centered and that in the male culture of Bangladesh – his country of origin – ‘women are relegated to the status of sexual object,’” the Voice of Europe reported.

And now they are in France, too.