November 28, 2018

MORE TO THE MANAFORT STORY: Referred to here, it turns out that The Guardian somewhat backpedaled on their “blockbuster” story by making “stealth corrections” and changing some of the factual assertions without telling readers. The current page carries no trashline, update or editor’s note telling the readers they made changes 3 times, according to correction tracker Newssniffer.

“Stealth” corrections are widely considered dishonest and unethical. Even The New York Times has said so. The Online News Association has gone as far as to say:

“Preventing mistakes is of huge importance, but so too is setting the stage to correct them quickly and fully by taking advantage of the networked news environment. Doing so not only meets our obligations to the public, but can, in fact, build trust and help us feel better about our work as journalists. Bottom line: Corrections are important.”

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