November 21, 2018

UPDATE: #MeTooByTSA spotlights TSA abuse; screener arrested for felony sexual battery after pat-down.

Airline passengers this Thanksgiving can look to the trending hashtag #MeTooByTSA and the valid citizen’s arrest of ex-TSA screener Michael Gerard Polson for felony sexual battery, to help draw attention to inappropriate, overzealous and excessive force searches by TSA screeners.

While we all want good airport security, the abundance of admitted striking of passengers’ genitals by TSA screeners is not being tracked by TSA. Just like the MeToo movement, #MeTooByTSA seeks to draw attention to abuses of authority, for which TSA admits to paying screeners $250 cash bonuses after they strike or abuse passengers ( ), encouraging abuse of passengers!

TSA’s excuse in court even cited by the federal court as implausible is that TSA screeners claim to still not know that they should not hit or strike compliant passengers’ testicles or genitals!

There’s nothing funny about official abuse.

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