November 14, 2018

YOUR DAILY TREACHER: Hillary Clinton Is History.

Apparently, it was Republican members of [The Texas Board of Education] who decided Hillary should be cut from the curriculum. Which makes sense. If kids aren’t taught about the massive, entirely avoidable blunder the Democrats made in 2016, those kids might grow up to make the same mistake all over again. Decades from now, they might nominate another Hillary Clinton-type figure. And that would be good for the Republicans.

So I’m glad these guys aren’t being allowed to erase Hillary’s astonishing failure from our shared history. Teach our children, and our children’s children, for generations to come. Tell them what happened to Hillary, and to the people who trusted her. Let the name “Hillary” become synonymous with “shameful, agonizing defeat.”

Heh, indeed.™ It’s Jim Treacher, so read the whole thing.

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