YOU WERE EXPECTING INTELLECTUAL INTEGRITY?:  Boston Globe Defends Mobbing of Jewish Republican.

So now comes Tom Mountain, a Jewish Massachusetts Republican official who, on Friday, November 2 was blocked from his own office by a group of Democrats wearing Jewish prayer shawls while chanting that Republicans are the party of White Nationalism and are responsible for the mass murder of Jews in Pittsburgh. Mountain, understandably annoyed, told reporters that these people were “a disgrace to the Jewish people” and “an embarrassment to this country.” The mob of Democrats refused to let him through and the police had to physically haul them off.

Globe headline? “Mass. GOP official calls Jewish protesters ‘a disgrace’ and an ‘embarrassment.’”

Had the Globe any integrity at all, they would have reported – in either the headline or the lede – that Mountain himself is a Jew.

Jews have always been famously internally disputatious, going back at least to the Maccabean era, when more traditional Jews emerged victorious over Hellenizers in the war that led to the restoration of Jewish rule in Judea under the Hasmoneans now celebrated during Hanukkah. The Holocaust and the emergence of Israel created a few decades of general solidarity, but the reaction of left-wing Jews to a massacre of Jews by a neo-Nazi in Pittsburgh–to blame American Jewish Republicans, and, bizarrely, Netanyahu and Israel, complete with calls in mainstream outlets to excommunicate Trump supporters, suggests that those days are over.

Mainstream Jews of moderate liberal to moderate political proclivities, a majority of American Jews, are going to have to choose between the modern-day Hellenizers whose actual religion is a pastiche of left-wing cliches, and those who are loyal to something akin to traditional Judaism. I don’t doubt the traditionalists will win in the end, if only because they are producing far more Jewish progeny per capita than are left-wing secularists. Unfortunately, in the meantime the leftists are proceeding to destroy formerly mainstream American Jewish institutions. The small denomination known as Reconstructionism, once the most intellectual branch of American Judaism, has devolved into a theological joke, much larger Reform Judaism is on the brink, and the once-respected (albeit liberal-leaning) Anti-Defamation League has become a center of partisan progressive hackery. I’ve been sounding apocalyptic about this lately, but let me repeat: a Neo-Nazi murdered eleven Jews, and the immediate and continuing reaction of a very vocal segment of American Jewry has been to use the occasion to attack fellow Jews.