ADVICE FOR TRUMP: “Don’t let Florence Katrina you. Show how to do a disaster right. Bush went from high to low because of Katrina and how his antagonists weaponized it. You can do the opposite. And who doesn’t want Trump to find great success in meeting the challenge of a great natural disaster? No one will step up and say, yes, that’s me, I want him to fail miserably, so we can crush him like Bush.”

Yes, it’s true – very few will openly say it. But as Mickey Kaus wrote at the height of the media pummeling Bush over Katrina, “Katrina gives them a way to talk about Iraq without talking about Iraq. No wonder Gwen Ifill smiles the ‘inner smile.’” It was a stepping stone for the left to win back the House and Senate in 2006. But as Donna Brazile, then vice-chair of the DNC finally admitted in 2013 at, “Bush came through on Katrina.”