NOT AMERICA’S FINEST MOMENT: The Deportation of Mexican-Americans in the 1930s: Putting aside the merits of deporting legal immigrants during the Great Depression, the failure to give American citizens a reasonable opportunity to prove their citizenship was criminal. What’s odd about this otherwise informative article, however, is that while it’s about deportations that continued through the late 1930s, somehow Donald Trump is mentioned three times but Franklin Roosevelt not at all.

At almost the same time the deportations began, Congress passed the Davis-Bacon Act of 1931, meant to prop up union wages, in part by preventing itinerant African-American workers from getting jobs on federal construction projects. When a southern Congressman noted with amusement that his northern colleagues were enthusiastically discriminating against blacks, a supporter of the bill from the north responded that it wasn’t about blacks, he’d also support the bill if it were “Mexicans” taking the jobs!