SUSAN ESTRICH: Donald Trump numbers not as bad as some believe.

What’s striking from the numbers, at least as far as I can see, is not how much support Trump has lost but how, given the daily barrage of tweets and countertweets; ugly chants and ugly corruption trials (his campaign chairman); intense criticism in the media; all-out war in Congress; and foreign policy flubs and domestic failures, much remains firm, and how tough he will be to beat.

Boorish behavior seems like a small price to pay for increased wage growth in a hot jobs market. Or as Estrich’s former (Bill) Clinton campaign compadre James Carville liked to say, “It’s the economy, stupid.” And if anyone in Washington would understand that tradeoff, it would be someone from the Clinton Administration.

What gets me is that 20 years after L’affair Lewinsky, nearly 30 years after the first “Bimbo Eruption,” and longer still since JFK’s antics became widely known, that anyone is still seriously concerned about ill-behaved presidents.

Or is it just different when Democrats do it, because shut up?