August 9, 2018

GOOD LORD: Man at filthy New Mexico compound was training kids to commit school shootings, prosecutors say.

The father of a missing 4-year-old Georgia boy was training children at a filthy New Mexico compound to commit school shootings, prosecutors alleged in court documents Wednesday. The documents say Siraj Ibn Wahhaj was conducting weapons training with assault rifles at the compound near the Colorado border.

It was at that compound in Amalia where authorities found 11 hungry children living in squalor when they raided it Friday.

Prosecutors Timothy Hasson filed the documents while asking that Wahhaj be held without bail after he was arrested last week with four other adults facing child abuse charges.

Prosecutors did not bring up the school shooting accusation in court Wednesday during an initial appearance by the abuse suspects.

Authorities have also said they discovered remains of a boy at the compound. Medical examiners are working to determine a positive identification.

Plus this tidbit CBS News didn’t bother to report:

Sheriff Hogrefe of the Taos County Sheriff Department said in a statement, “We had learned the occupants were most likely heavily armed and considered extremist of the Muslim belief. We also knew from the layout of the compound they would have an advantage if we didn’t deploy tactfully and quickly.”

Good work by the Taos County Sheriff Department, but I suppose Wahhaj’s true motive will never be known.

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