August 7, 2018

AUGUST 7 IS THE 276th ANNIVERSARY OF NATHANAEL GREENE’S BIRTH: During the Revolution, General Nathanael Greene was second only to George Washington in importance. Honors were heaped upon him just after it ended. To give you just a taste, the following places were named for him: Greensboro, N.C., Greenville, N.C., Greenville, S.C., Greeneville, Tenn., Greenburg, Penn., Greene Co., Mo., Greene Co., Va., Greene Co., Penn., Greene Co., Tenn., Greene Co., Ohio, Greene Co., N.C., Greene Co., N.Y., Greene Co., Miss., Greene Co., Ill., Greene Co., Iowa, Greene Co., Ind., Greene Co., Georgia, Greene Co., Ark., and Greene Co., Ala.

But Greene died just five years after Yorktown at the age of 43. In part for that reason, his fame has been eclipsed by other Founding Fathers who played a role in the making of our Constitution or in the early years of the Republic. I suspect few school children, even those living in the various Greene Counties, have ever heard of Nathanael Greene. I count my blessings when they know something about George Washington beyond his owning slaves.

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