August 6, 2018

SARAH JEONG ACCUSED OF LEAVING DEVASTATION BEHIND IN PURSUIT OF A STORY: Reporting from repressive regimes is tricky business. I’ve had to manage many stories over the years filed from Saudi Arabia, Russia and of course, my experience with China and the way it has been surrendered to is almost legendary. Reporters often forget that they are not the only ones at risk: in these countries identifying sources may expose them to not just public harassment but government pressure or even arrest and in some cases torture or worse.

Now infamous Sarah Jeong of The New York Times Editorial Board is being accused of exactly such recklessness by a young woman in China, who claims that Jeong, working for Vice exposed her to danger:

Vice would endanger me for a few clicks because in Brooklyn certain things are no big deal. This is not journalism and does not deserve to hide behind the protection legitimate use of that title warrants, this is a savage abuse of privilege knowing full well that in China I had no possible recourse against a billion dollar company who thought titillating their readers with my personal details was worth putting me in jeopardy.

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